POSTCARE 2.0: Informing the Care Services Workers on Posting Rules

The POSTCARE 2.0 project focuses on the posting of workers in the European labor market, including third-country nationals. The number of posted workers has significantly increased, reaching over 4.5 million in 2019. However, the information schemes available for non-EU national posted workers are less developed compared to EU citizens. The COVID-19 crisis has further complicated the world of work for third-country national posted workers due to travel restrictions and other measures.
The project aims to provide information and support to improve the employment conditions of third-country nationals. It focuses on areas such as secure and adaptable employment, wages, employment conditions, protection in case of dismissals, social dialogue, and involvement. The overall objective is to contribute to the implementation of the key principles of the EU Pillar of Social Rights in the posting of workers across EU Member States. The project will develop information and advisory forms, provide consultancy services, and establish Information Centers. It will also organize various meetings, workshops, and an online platform to exchange information. The project includes the implementation of a dedicated panel during the European Labour Mobility Congress in 2023.

To improve the understanding of existing and new challenges related to posting of third-country-national workers in the care sector among employers and workers representatives until the completion of the project through implementation of the provision of the consultancy and information services 5 EU members (Poland, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Lithuania) and 1 Candidate County (Serbia) to help eradicate the potential challenges facing the posting of third-country nationals and their working conditions. This objective will be achieved by the end of the project through opening of Online Information Centres, Online International Working Meeting, “Postcare Info Labs”, Online Informative Seminars, Online Information Exchange Meetings.
To raise the awareness of the third-country national posting workers and European employers and strengthen their capacity to deal with the challenges to employment via comprehensive dissemination and information campaign, development of the Online Informational Platform and implementation of the dedicated panel during the European Labour Mobility Congress 2023

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