NEW NORMAL: Management of risks to ensure business continuity with strong employee involvement​

About the project

The COVID-19 crisis has increased risks for businesses, particularly in the manufacturing sector. To ensure business continuity, companies need to minimize the impact of infections by implementing changes in team structures and working methods to limit contact among employees while maintaining productivity. In managing these risks, it is important to involve employees through information, consultation, and active participation in decision-making processes.

The project aims to facilitate positive change during crises by providing insights to employers and companies on effective change management strategies and their obligations under relevant legislative frameworks regarding information and consultation standards. The project consortium consists of employer organizations and trade unions from several countries. The project includes national case studies, transnational capacity building activities, and dissemination seminars where a guide for employers and unions will be a central tool for sharing best practices in protecting the workforce, implementing change strategies, and ensuring productivity while respecting workers’ rights. Additionally, a questionnaire will be prepared to gather feedback from companies regarding their willingness to adopt certain measures in the short and long term and the usefulness of the guide.